• Weight Loss Incentives

  • 2016 A-la-carte Fitness Rebate

  • Walking Program

Slow down and enjoy life.

2017-2018 Proposed Benefit Changes

All clergy participants in the TAC Group Health Plan were mailed the following 2017-2018 Proposed Benefit Changes Letter. Please review the proposed benefit changes in preparation for Annual Conference.


Wellness Programs

Take advantage of the Wellness and Walking Programs available to TAC Group Health plan participants. Taking care of yourself helps you care for others!

Attending a Day of Wellness opens the door to several weight loss incentives and an annual weight maintenance incentive once you achieve your target BMI. Plus, you get a discount of $200 off your deductible each year. And the day is fun too!

New in 2016: Nutrition Reboot. For those of you who asked for a follow-up event to the Day of Wellness…this exciting new half-day Wellness event will give you additional tools and strategies to make healthy eating a priority and to help you reach your wellness goals.

The Walking Program with Virgin Pulse offers incentives for several levels of activity. This program can be a big part of achieving a weight goal and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And periodic challenges help motivate us to go that extra mile. Just remember - keep moving and get paid!

Think of what motivates you to stay active. If you spend money to do that, let us pay you back for some of your costs. The 2016 A-la-carte Fitness Rebate will pay you half of what you spend on health expenses, up to a maximum $300 rebate. Need new shoes? A bike? Help with a gym membership? You choose what you need to stay healthy!

Boon-Chapman offers a Disease Management Program to help those challenged with a chronic health condition. The program is free of charge to active participants in the PPO medical plans and offers additional incentives for participation.

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